Saturday, 11 September 2010

The road to Santiago de Compostela

On the 22 June this year I suffered a heart attack and as I walked endless loops of my garden in the weeks and months which followed - I marveled at how lucky I was to have survived. I also wondered what I would do with the extra time I had been given and what I could give back?

Prior to my illness I had dreamed of completeing the pilgrimage to Santiago do Compostela to raise money for charity. I had read the Pilgrimage by Paulo Coelha some years ago and when reasearch my family's coat of arms I had found the cockleshell symbol adopted by some knights who guarded the pilgrim's way.

The cockleshell is also the symbol of baptism, of rebirth; and it seemed particularly apt, given that I had thought my life was over, that it should appear in my thoughts.

There seemed little prospect now of being able to convert that dream into reality as I struggled to walk for half an hour without being exhausted.

I keep a log however of the distance I walk and it occurred to me that if I could not walk it in person I might walk it in spirit, by slowly piecing together the small distances I walk each day and plotting my virtual progress along the old pilgrimage routes.

I would like to encourage others to join me on this "ePilgrimage" and to raise money for charity in the process.

Faith, hope and charity (Love) seem to me to be the cornerstones of a spiritual journey and I've chosen charities to reflect this - please donate if you are able.

God bless you

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